Hi, I'm Josh!

I'm an artist from Atlanta, Georgia, weaving stories on canvas with a palette of oil paints. My style? It's a mix of realism and a dash of cartoonish charm. While I used to dive into the world of animation, these days, my passion is all about painting. Join me on this creative journey where every stroke speaks a language of its own. From animated beginnings to the canvas, I'm here to share my artistic evolution with you. Let's explore the colorful world of my paintings together!

A picture of me playing hockey

In my younger years,

though I always had a sketchbook by my side, I was set on conquering the ice as a hockey player. But life threw me a curveball with a serious injury, abruptly shifting my focus away from the rink.

Growing up in a Disney-loving family, our frequent trips to Disney World fueled my passion for cartoons. However, it wasn't until the aftermath of my injury, that my love for animation became a serious consideration. No aha moment in my childhood, but a pivotal turning point that led me to explore a dream I didn't know I had.

Image of some fire animation I did for the True Tail kickstarter

While pursuing animation,

I stumbled upon an unexpected affinity – painting. Surprisingly, the idea of transitioning to this newfound passion didn't immediately click. While working as a freelance effects artist on various indie projects, I immersed myself in animation, with the goal of finding my footing.

Despite giving animation my best shot, hurdles and setbacks kept cropping up. It took a series of challenges to make me realize that perhaps my true calling was with a paintbrush in hand, not behind a screen. And so, the decision to pivot from animator to painter finally took root.


with a bit of wobbling, I can confidently say I've found my footing. It's an exciting phase where I'm delving into the realm of my unique style. While there's still a journey ahead, I invite you to follow along as I navigate the colorful path of self-discovery and artistic expression.